P.S. I Love(d) You...

Love Letters Unsent

They harmonize so well, together. That is very difficult to do. I first met Alecia in 1999 and we quickly became fast friends (later collaborating together). When I first saw her, I remember thinking, “Who is this chick with the pink hair?!?!” and trying to figure out what genre she was a part of (at the time it was R&B). I remember hearing the power in her voice and being blown away. As a bonus, I became friends with her father with whom I would speak to every single morning - it was through him that I learned where we could go musically - from urban to folk (which most are unaware… is actually, the genre I listen to most).

Both beautiful souls.

Cadillac lac lac lac, Cadillac lac lac lac, lac

Cadillac lac lac lac, Cadillac lac lac lac

Cadillac lac lac lac, Cadillac lac lac lac, lac

After a lengthy wait, the visual finally was completed. Due to all that was (and still is) going on… I actually was, unaware.

The Good Wife - “Dear God”

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Love Letters

And so much (much) more to come.

Abundantly blessed.


(And yes, I transformed the opening credits of Se7en for the video - clever anonymity)

Sub what? Only subs I use are subwoofers.

Are you not entertained?