P.S. I Love(d) You...

Love Letters Unsent

Sub what? Only subs I use are subwoofers.

Are you not entertained?

Nothing to read into - I do not do subliminal, anything. It is work displayed. The labels (and I spoke publicly about this recently) do not wish to:

a) Add in extra (budget) for multiple edits - i.e. Clean/Radio versions of visuals presently.

b) Kill the original vibe of the record. R&B is moving away from s3xually charged lyrics to explicit lyrics.

I do not agree with this methodology but I enjoy the song and especially how well/clean/crisp the work came out - and this is the reason for posting. I wish I could share it with my family, however… the consistent explicit lyrics and vulgarity causes them to hit stop quite quickly (and I would desire it to be no other way). Regardless, I have worked with all artists from the beginning (even the cameos - we get along quite well) and am proud of what the end result came to be.



My GOoDness

Now We K(no)w How…

And then…

Sometimes those things that should not be said…

Are left unsaid.

But sometimes…

We say them anyway.

But I did not…

With you.

I held back.

But I have figured it out now.

Broken hearts.

But no longer… ever my own.

That is how you…


Navigate life.

That is how you,


The Long Bright Dark

I found myself

In an odd 7ove affair while in London

It did not translate well back

In the states.

I found myself in Louisiana 2 days ago… wondering why

I was doing what

I was doing.

I left quite quickly.

I lost my wallet.


I live a life that most cannot comprehend.

I am a mystery.

I live for the moment.

Eye [I] see… as she sees.


Eye Apologize